Blog24- those Dracula Castles

I will approach this with a renewed spirit, not going to let the WordPress issues screw up another good day. There have been severalemails that we have had regarding the Dracula Castle. And yes, there are 2. A tourist version which is Bran Castle in the village of Bran. History tells us that Vlad Dracul spent all of just 3 days at this castle. Then there is the real Vlad Dracul Castle on the south facing slopes of the Grans Fargaras. There is a point where you cross a huge dam that crosses a pair of opposing rocky mountain faces, the surrounding area is very steepand ro ky. Its here tnat our Vlad the Impaler of Dracul fame actually made his home. This castle can barely be seen within the red circled area in the photograph shown. The only way into thecastle is from that upper ridge to the right of the castle. If per chance you tried to approach from the bottom ylu would need to have Sir Edmond Hillary with you.


Bran Castle Updated.jpg


About Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

Jeremiah is a saddle maker, a silversmith. He runs a small company manufacturing bits and spurs as well as the manufacture of saddle hardware. An avid cyclist, especially the loaded solo tour type cycling.
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6 Responses to Blog24- those Dracula Castles

  1. Hey girl, didnt i nail it 2 years ago when i told you i thought you had put the wieght on!!! Oh yea, oh yea.congrats to you both, itwill be the greatest life choice made so far, and cute as a bug (who ever thehell came up with expression?) Cant wait to hold onto the new one. Stay healthy, and be a blessing.


  2. Yes donna, that is wrong and cruel to think in that manner. For repentance i think you should volunteer to roto-till your nieghbors garden… part of me would like to just keep going, but the mechanical parts of me are begging to grind and sqeak. Thanks for following along.


  3. Randy Rieman says:

    Friend Jeremiah … I have been following your story . I am so pleased that your close encounter of the diesel kind was no closer !! Thank God you weren’t IMPALED on a spring shackle or a tie rod !!
    I must confess that when I view the photos and read your comments I am terribly jealous… I could really relate to the sound of the belled cows — just got back from Switzerland and spent some evenings in a cow camp in the Alps listening to the bells sounding — lovely ! Your photos are great — especially the boy with dog — but your comments are priceless . If this saddle business falls thru you can get a job as a travel writer !! Sending good thoughts your way and lots of prayers — you continue to be an inspiration ( and a mystery ) to me — God has truly blessed you abundantly … Press On


  4. Donna Mowat says:

    I am so enjoying this travel blog that I don’t want your trip to end. Is that wrong? 🙂


  5. Kaycee says:

    Hi Uncle Jim,

    I can barely keep up to you and your blogs but the good thing is that winter time is coming and my riding will be limited so me and baby Mandel will have lots of time to do some reading. Yes, there will be a little Kaycee/dusty coming in Feb 2015. We can’t wait to see you hopefully in April!! Love you lots


  6. Fritz Riedl says:

    Hi Jeremiah, hi Pine,
    hope you have garlic, silver bullets or wooden sticks with you and remember what Professor
    Ambronsius and his assistent Alfred in Polanskis movie have done for not to be bitten. I haven’t
    seen the latest portrait of you Jeremiah, but as far as Pine comes into play by the look he is not
    far away from a mystic character. And, by the way, as far as you still see your mirror-image nothing went wrong in Transsylvania.

    have fun, take care

    Marion & Fritz



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