Blog 4- Life behind Bars part 4

Missing images taken with my camera while riding thru Norway. Sorry, but it has taken me up until now to find a card reader that fits a mini-usb port. So, this will be all images and no text. While I am sitting here downloading and working on this blog post, I got 3 messages asking about the brilliance of some of the images seen in blog post 3. Let me explain, my camera is old at least as far as digital go, so not alot of fancy options. The camera is a basic, Canon SX50. I love it for what I am doing. My phone however is  new S8, and in camera mode it has a HER or high dynamic range setting. I Have been playing with that feature to see if I like it and if I can tell the difference. Sometimes I can and feel the difference is worth it, other times…..I am sort of ho-hum about it. So there you go, you know more about photos than I do now. Hope you enjoy, and your day is blessed.

About Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

Jeremiah is a saddle maker, a silversmith. He runs a small company manufacturing bits and spurs as well as the manufacture of saddle hardware. An avid cyclist, especially the loaded solo tour type cycling.
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5 Responses to Blog 4- Life behind Bars part 4

  1. Mark Stewart says:

    Great shots!


  2. Fawn says:

    Garsh! Some awful pretty pics there. I wish we could click a “Like” button for them.


  3. wayne mcmanus says:

    man, that is some beautiful territory. have fun and be safe. philipians.4:13


  4. van dijken says:

    Hello Jeremiah, thanks for the great update and beautiful pictures. I had hoped to connect with you in Northern Germany…was sitting here with a tank full of gas, and hoping for a visit with you….Well It will have to wait till we meet at the other side….or sooner😀
    The end of July we will be back in Romania with our church.
    God bless you brother. Praying for a safe journey and devine appointments. Hindrik


  5. Gorgeous photos and glad your figured out how people can comment!! You are amazing dear and so glad you are now enjoying your trip!!!!



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