Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

Bio: Jeremiah is a saddle maker, a silversmith. He runs a small company manufacturing bits and spurs as well as the manufacture of saddle hardware. An avid cyclist, especially the loaded solo tour type cycling.

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7 Responses to About

  1. Ron Morgan says:

    I don’t know if you’ll get this, but Jean Cates passed away not too long ago. She was a really unique, special person. She taught me to tool leather; I will always remember her.



  2. Hello my friend, long time no see. We sure hope your blessed and well. The trip is going fine, we are happy, safe so far, and healthy, i think all as a result of prayer to a gracious Lord and Saviour.


  3. Howdy Amigo,…Praying for your journey,keep the wind to your back and keep looking up…You should of done it on horseback….GOD bless be safe…Gary McDonald…your home town buddy


  4. Jean says:

    Fantastic trip photos. May I suggest that you turn off infinite scroll. It’s hard to control to see which blog post I want to read fully.


  5. Carrie Ballantyne says:

    Hi there! Would be wonderful to see you and Colleen in Croatia, hope we can make it happen.


  6. I love mutton so much its the only thing I will order anymore…….come to think of it, that is all you can order here. So maybe I really dont like it as much as I had thought. If I see a sheep at my house, I am breaking out the gatling gun and spade shovels. You are welcome to join in. Thanks for following along, and glad we have your Prayers.


  7. Pete Melniker says:

    Sounds like you have developed a fondness for mutton. As a good friend, I have purchased a flock of old ewes that will arrive in CA in time for your return, Being from Montana they will remind you of big sky Mongolia. So you will not miss the smell you can start butchering on day 1. Also negotiating on a wholesale truckload of Ramen noodles. Unfortunately they will arrive in sterile wrappers, but you can soil them to resemble the Mongolian hospitality. This trip has a great benefit for Colleen. Now any food that hits the table will not be questioned. Heck you won’t even complain about my cooking next time you are in Montana. Ride safe




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