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Post 15 Visas, Trains and Mosquitos

Visas, trains and mosquitos.Pretty much the order of our Russian concerns.Visas, are now offered as 3 year multiple entry type for US citizens, which is the way to go if you can. If you happen to be Canadian as I … Continue reading

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Blog Post 14-Tough trip thru Paradise

I have officially fell in love with the Russian countryside. We are sitting here in our camp this evening and got to watch a Russian Vaquero bring in about 30-35 head of horses, they came trotting in right above our … Continue reading

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Blog 13, from Russia with love

We are starting in with the odometer reading a total of 2087 miles ridden, and total road miles of approx. 2985 miles thus far. I had miscalculated and misquoted my friend Brian Kunic a few posts ago, my apologies. This … Continue reading

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Leaving Bayan again

Deja Vu, its the silent mental movie playing in our collective minds, as we ready both gear and bikes. Leaving what has become a bit of a second home for us, Bayan province, the city of Olgii or on some … Continue reading

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Killing time

Think we are clearly headed for trouble. The slow passage of time is starting to rot our puritan core, the ticking clock in our cranium seems to announce with great pleasure each second as it slides over the thresh hold. … Continue reading

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