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Blog 1- Kilts & Shamrocks Tour

The Kilts and Shamrocks Tour- commences Monday, May 6th of 2019. If all goes well, meaning that I am not turned into a hood ornament along the way. Then the trip begins in Dublin, Ireland, and the ride starts by heading north towards Belfast. Once we are far enough north to hitch a ride on a ferry I will get over to Isle of Man, ride its length north and then a second ferry to get to the coast of Wales. The plan is to ride the tiny back roads, so the going may be a wee bit slow. In the UK they have these remote cabins or cottages called Bothies, I plan on sleeping in a few if at all possible.

Credit for the image goes to Dmitrij Paskevic.

From Wales we ride south basically, a few spots I would like to hit like Snowdonia, and Cardiff by the sea for instance. On into England and further south, heading towards the coast someplace near say Plymouth. From that point we turn to the east now and ride on or close to the south coast all the way round until we hit Hadrians Wall and cross over the border into Scotland.

Credit for the image goes to Bjorn Snelders and Unsplash image service.

Before I cross over into Tartan and Bagpipe country, Colleen will fly over and meet up with me in England’s Lake District, we will spend a week or so touring around and enjoying some time together. Once I get started into Scotland, its up around the east coast crossing up over the top and headed back towards Scotlands western coast. I will finda ferry to once again take me back over to the northern end of Ireland.

Thanks to Unsplash and photographer John Finn for a western Ireland image.

After blog post 1- all images for better or worse will be my own and not used from the photo service known as Unsplash. The end game is to ride around the western coast region of Ireland and on into the south, where Colleen will again fly over and join me for a week or so or relax and enjoy some time together. It will feel good to pry the cycling foam out of the crack of my butt for a week I am sure. After Mom leaves, I will continue on and eventually make my way to Dublin once again, dismantle my bike and get headed home. I have to say thanks to our very loyal customers who keep our business going and who tolerate my absence. Thanks to the friends and fans who follow along, take a moment to comment and make the whole trip more enjoyable. And I have to say thanks to the Lord above, who sustains me on a trip such as this.

JW- self portrait in Jahyece, Bosnia, part of the “Round the World” Tour.
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