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Jeremiah is a saddle maker, a silversmith. He runs a small company manufacturing bits and spurs as well as the manufacture of saddle hardware. An avid cyclist, especially the loaded solo tour type cycling.

Blog9 – Life behind Bars Part 9

Our solo traveler is melting his way south across Bulgaria, boy howdy folks the heat has been turned up along with its cousin humidity. Bonked badly 3 days ago, riding a geniune rural Bulgrian road with little to no food … Continue reading

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Blog 8-Life behind Bars part 8

Our lonesome, solo cyclist is making his way across Hungary, then Romania followed by Bulgaria and finishing of by crossing western Turkey to Istanbul. Dont get to excited and get a cold beer in celebration just yet as there are … Continue reading

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Blog 7-Life behind Bars part 7

Our galavanting traveler has been running with his wife for the last 7 days, and he is elated that she came to join him……..but that is ending all too soon. Our solo cyclist will be SOLO once again as of … Continue reading

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Blog 6-Life behind Bars part 6

So much for my Superman status…..I just blew that while rolling my tent up this am. The saying that ” *%#>$@ happens ‘ and that it happens in 3’s…….folks it might just be true. It may even be Gods plan………didn’t … Continue reading

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Blog 5-Life behind Bars part 5

Our life behind Bars for this chapter begins in far western Poland, as our sojourner and his steel conveyance rattle thier teeth and bolts loose on primitive rural roads. One can be riding along, taking in scenery and greenery and … Continue reading

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Blog 4- Life behind Bars part 4

Missing images taken with my camera while riding thru Norway. Sorry, but it has taken me up until now to find a card reader that fits a mini-usb port. So, this will be all images and no text. While I … Continue reading

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Blog 3- Life behind Bars part 3

Life behind Bars, as one man journeys solo from Trondheim Norway south to Istanbul Turkey. This is part 3 of that journey, and we will pick up where Jeremiah and Shirley his bike were on that last post.

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