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Jeremiah is a saddle maker, a silversmith. He runs a small company manufacturing bits and spurs as well as the manufacture of saddle hardware. An avid cyclist, especially the loaded solo tour type cycling.

Blog 4- Life behind Bars part 4

Missing images taken with my camera while riding thru Norway. Sorry, but it has taken me up until now to find a card reader that fits a mini-usb port. So, this will be all images and no text. While I … Continue reading

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Blog 3- Life behind Bars part 3

Life behind Bars, as one man journeys solo from Trondheim Norway south to Istanbul Turkey. This is part 3 of that journey, and we will pick up where Jeremiah and Shirley his bike were on that last post.

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Blog-1- Life behind Bars- preparations

My life behind bars, as Jeremiah Watt travels the world by bicycle. Continue reading

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Blog57-RTW gear review

GEAR REVIEW FOR AROUND THE WORLD CYCLING Jeremiah Watt, an RTW adventure cyclist, says like almost everyone who tackles a long and epic adventure such as around the world by bicycle, will end with an opinion on gear and the … Continue reading

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Blog56-blessed,finished, and glad to be home

Jeremiah Watt, and his very dependable (RTW) round the world steed, Shirly Surly which is a rim brake, 26″wheeled Long Haul Trucker steel framed bicycle, have officially concluded thier adventure. The cycle tour came to its final conclusion on Wednesday … Continue reading

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Blog55-like a homing pidgeon

Jeremiah Watt, and Shirley Surly his Long Haul Trucker bicycle, are being drawn like a homing pidgeon on there Round The World cycling journey, thru deserts, over mountain passes and along sweltering ribbons of blacktop……all in an effort to bring … Continue reading

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Blog54-Pietown and enchanted skies

You are joining the Jeremiah Watt travel blog as he cycles round the surface of Gods creation on his Round the World (RTW) bicycle tour. I cannot take credit for this being a solo tour, my son Pine Watt joined … Continue reading

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