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Blog 3- Shamrocks and Kilts Tour

Once again I have been fighting to get the images downloaded off my camera from the SD to my tablet. Finally got that done today, and I think the issues are resolved going forward. So with that in mind, this post will be primarily images. All images have been taken between Dublin and Belfast.


The last ship built by the same firm that built the Titanic, same company has gone on to build huge wind turbines today. They are hoping to sell a bunch to AOC….. and see if they can SINK AMERICA.

The splendid Capital and Parliment buildings of Belfast.
Splendid piece of wall art here in down town Belfast.
Cutting across town in Drogheda, went thru the rail station. Was told to be extra careful as there is a big Gypsy drug war going on in our town……” it’s a wee bit like the bloody wild west doan’cha know!”. So indeed I was careful and rode with my slingshot out and at the ready.
This was a beautiful scene, but you wouldn’t know causing my image was badly out of focus. So I out of focused it even more and put a frame around it.

The rest of these images is for the folks with an artistic bent, no matter if it’s engraving, wood carving, leather carving. I just love old buildings especially Cathedrals. They showcase a level of art and craft that the new rectangular Lego Block shaped buildings -YUCK

3 Responses to “Blog 3- Shamrocks and Kilts Tour”

  1. Tony Doyle

    I met Jeremiah out cycling on the Isle of Man. I was amazed to hear what he has done and what he is doing on his current tour of the British Isles. I hope you enjoyed your last two days on the Island Jeremiah and enjoy England, Scotland and Wales (and some time with your wife)

  2. Jerry Gant

    Cool pictures…. any idea who the king or queen face carved in stone among the oak leaves?

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