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Blog 1-Life behind Bars- preparations

Life behind bars, a solo cyclist wanders, but not searching for himself . Not some deeper meaning to life itself, rather it’s to experience the world and all that it has to offer for those willing to get out and look. A life experience, with its warts and all, as seen from the seat of a bicycle at 10 miles an hour. A God experience, I admit the world is too large for me to explain in any other way.

This ¬†cycling journey begins in Trondheim Norway, which is a city that resides about half way up Norway’s length. Why Trondheim you may be asking, for no other reason than I picked it out on the map at random, nothing more than that really. Yes, I know, I could fly further north and begin above the arctic circle and yes I did give that some thought. The thought of adding many hundreds of miles of mostly swatting mosquitoes and tundra landscape, well lets just say it became less appealing the more I thought about it. The route is good, Trondheim Norway to Istanbul Turkey. Just enough kinks, curves and meanders along the way to make it worth the effort. It’s good enough for me.

Norway- with a length of approx. 2600 km ( 1320 miles ), an astounding coastline length of roughly 240,000 km. Norway is a rugged country, made up of huge granite spires, tall strait timber, and weather worn rugged people capable of life along the nations scenic fjord’s.

I consider myself as being both lucky and blessed with having had many opportunities to visit Europe, I have seen a lot of it, and love it all so far. This cycle route puts me through countries and regions of countries that I have not visited before. The carrot on the end of the proverbial stick will be all those new roads, new faces, new cultures and traditions. I have a growing list of peoples names that it has been suggested I stop to visit.

MY training is much the same as it was for the RTW journey, a lot of weights have been lifted with the aim of adding some mass since so much is lost while pedaling. Yes, I have dined on more doughnuts than is healthy for cycling………..but I also know that the cous-cous and noodle packs are coming my way like a comet, so I will enjoy the excess for a few more days yet. My trusty steed for this journey will be my Surly Long Haul Trucker, 26″ wheels, 12ga 4 over 4 spoke pattern and 27 gears, a Brooks saddle B-17……….did ¬†I mention the hemroid cream and tire patches……….and no the patches aren’t for the tire tubes. Cant leave out my Ortlieb bags, double wrapped bars.

One thing I can tell you now, I sure as heck wont be packed like so many blogs seem to instruct. I am a certified minimalist, and if I run into something beyond what I have then I wlll hit a goodwill and buy what i require and keep moving on. The plan is to tent it, with enough stops for rooms as is required to charge equipment back up and maybe wash the peddler once in a while.

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  1. susan's saddle stands

    with your knee problem have you ever considered a recumbent bike or trike. I love mine since hip surgery can no longer ride an upright bike. Besides my horses i love my trike.

  2. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Thanks Wayne, but my stamina and will have been about like a Labrador dog here as of late. I will be leaving Geilo tomorrow early heading out toward the coast. Having a heck of a time with the knees, hoping flatter countryside will speed recovery. Thanks for tagging along.

  3. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Yup, it is being worked on, text and images right now. May not get it posted for a few days yet, it’s time I got some sleep. Glad you folks are along. Say, if there are any issues with the bracelet, I will see to them soon as I get home.

  4. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Jan, prayers are better than the CHAIN on a bike trip. I will take all the prayers you send up, whether I am in trouble or not. Hope you and Dan and family are well.

  5. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Well hello Schlosser family, hope and yes Pray that you are all well. Remember, you go to he’ll if you caught searchingredients for typos and grammatical errors on a blog…..just thought I would remind everyone of the rules. I will be leaving Geilo tomorrow. I am working on pics and content for post2, but may not get it up too
    Night. Okay- that’s officially a boo-boo. Believe it or nt, i could use a little Cali heat

  6. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Dang, the tabs on this program are small….I just sent 3 folks into spam and have no idea how to retrieve them nor offer them absolution before the fire. Anyways, glad you folks are along for the ride. Say hello to Coalinga for me…..tell them the heat would feel pretty good after 12 days under 60.

  7. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Well hello to you both, glad your along for the journey how ever long and far it may be. I AM HAVING A HECK OF A TIME WITH MY KNEES THIS TIME AROUND, WORSE THAN LAST BUT THAT’S JUST AGE CREEPING IN I suspect. Jerry, I just want to tell you that your in my daily Prayers, I have not been told what is wrong, just that you have some issues in front of you. Counting on you buddy, Ellerbe, you take care, see you both down the road when I get home.

  8. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Thanks Texas, I am here for totally different reasons…..but I am also 60vplus and young women are to fleet of foot overeating here.

  9. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    I am just leaving Geilo tomorrow, been here waiting for my new tablet since “dumbass” left his initial tablet at security gate in London. Anyways, we are on the road tomorrow, eating advice and Tylenol like chick let’s to tame the aching knees. Luv yang all in a manly sort,a way

  10. Mark Stewart

    Safe travels Jeremiah, you are truly a testament to internal fortitude. I look forward to reading your adventures.

  11. Lani Hernandez

    Pedal well Jeremiah! Pleased to follow another amazing trip of yours!

  12. Bill and Pat

    Travel safe and keep us posted. We are anxious to tag along through your pictures and blog. Hugs

  13. Tex Wright

    And I wish God’s will on you and your travels.

    I will say that I have seen some of Sweden and Denmark, but at 19 or 20 at the time I was considerable more interested in the fairer Flowers of the citizens than the countryside. More interested in the brewing arts than the foods of the land. Ah but for the years of our youth.
    Again I will wish you God’s Hand on your journey as I sit here in the middle of Texas wishing for the youth and health to visit Europe as you will. I will enjoy your Journey in your posts.
    Thanks for including me in your posts.
    Tex Wright, Santa Anna, Texas

  14. Ellamae Holes and Jerry

    We again are looking forward to your emails about the trip you are going to take. Enjoyed the pictures and stories of the last trip. Good luck and God willing we will meet again after this trip. Jerry

  15. Hindrik van Dijken

    Good morning Jeremiah,
    Greetings fro Holland. This is Hindrik, we met in Voronetz, Romania.
    God be with you on this new adventure. I read the blog this morning and my heart jumped with joy. You left a lasting great memory . Ultimately we will join each other at our Fathers home….but till that time…..ride on, and live for Jesus! Will you come near Holland? I love to see you and meet, if you drive true Gerrmany , I will come there to see you. Please send me a note. Blessings,
    Your brother in Christ. Hindrik

  16. Nina Oxborrow

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventure. Thank you for sharing,
    stay safe and God bless!

  17. Ronda

    Blessings on you from the Bakersfield Schlosser clan!

  18. Jan

    I will both read your blogs and pray for you and your journey. Although we have had far different journeys, I know that we would glean from one another’s adventures. I am proud to call you friend!

  19. Candy Diaz

    Be careful, love reading your blog. Candy Diaz

  20. Wayne Lenfesty

    Amazing adventure. You amaze me with your stamina and will .

  21. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Yes my hubby is off again–but our plan is that I will meet him in Budapest and Romania mid July and then travel to Istanbul, Turkey to pick him up. No I do not bike with him when I go. We rent a car and travel in style. Jesus is taking Jeremiah on another adventure!

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