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Blog47-Cooking class in Morroco

Its not often, matter of fact never, do you find Jeremiah taking a cooking class. That “never say never” saying came too life in Marrakesh, Morroco and was thouroughly enjoyed by all four of us. A happen chance meeting of some young Colorado State University kids at a crowded Vegan restaurant, thier own excitement at thier own cooking class expirience was the impetus for our signing up for a class as well. Just love the random chance meetings that come about as we travel and allow God a chance to work his way into each day. In this case, we had the last table at “The Good Earth Restaurant”, and invitec 5 youngsters to join our table. The meal was great, but the kinship shared was even better.






The day ends with a handmade pot of Morrocan Mint Tea, and the assorted pastries we made during our class. We have all become fans of mint tea, never thought I would be saying that nor dining vegan…….survived it all and enjoyed it.

3 Responses to “Blog47-Cooking class in Morroco”

  1. Candy Diaz

    This last picture reminded me of my trip to Marrakesh, eating in someones home, like little mini restaurants. The photos are all wonderful and it looks like you are all having a fantastic time. Safe travels!

  2. Gerald Ray Holes (Jerry)

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us and the good times you are having. Happy belated New Year.

  3. Mike markley

    Love it! and Love you guys. Can’t wait to see all of you again. Have a Blessed New Year!

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