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Post 4- Tickets are bought, no turning back now

The tickets were bought,maybe 1 hour ago so there is no turning back now. The trip moves forward, and we fly to China May 21st at midnite from Los angeles. At this stage it is Mom and I and our son Pine who will fly over. MY daughter Nevada is tenatively taking a stone setting class from GRS instructor and friend Todd Daniels- if the class falls thru for her since she is late signing up, then she will fly over  with us ( still to be decided ).


We will spend the weekend putting our bikes back together and with any luck, we will be ready to start riding on Monday morning. If our calculations are correct, we will have about 95 pounds on the bike, that is pretty light since further north in Mongolia we will be adding a lot more weight with extra water that we carry. I am pretty sick of buying tidbits and pieces for the trip, what started out as alot of fun just shopping around at night has now turned into a real pain in the rear as far as I am concerned


We got our stove tonight by faithful UPS”Tim”, we decided on an alchohol stove. Cowboy logic says if ya cant cook least ya kin drink. If any of you readers of this blog have advice on this matter by all means fill me in, love to hear it.

15 Responses to “Post 4- Tickets are bought, no turning back now”

  1. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Yup, sure enjoyed my time with Wayne, Jean and Larry Dugan. Still hold them as dear friends. I get to see Jean everytime I work the Amarillo Ranch Rodeo event. Be well, glad yuo are along with us.

  2. Ron Morgan

    I went to TSTI in the late 70s, in 78-79, then again in 81. I took saddlemaking with Wayne and Jean also. Wayne’s assistant was Larry Chandler. I have many fond memories of those days; they were great fun, and a very special time in my life. Ol’ Wayne taught us how to make those saddles right, didn’t he? It’s always a thrill to run into somebody from back then.

  3. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Will do Jerry, its pfetty much how I have lived my life thus far.Many thanks for the encouraging words and thoughts from yuo and EllaMae. Be well to you both.

  4. Bill

    Sorry that we didn’t get to talk to you before you all headed out across the the big pond. Our best wishes and prayers are with you on this adventure – please stay safe and come back home with lots of fun stories and pictures. We will toast you at Friday night supper with a nice juicy BBQ steak and wonder what culinary delight you you are enjoying this evening. Happy to be tagging along via your blog so keep ’em coming. Love you lots. Bill, Pat, Dusty and Erin

  5. Mike Marley

    Good to see you made it so far. Not sure so far so good. God Bless

  6. Candy Diaz

    Watt Family, have a great, safe adventure, I know you will have a blast. Try to keep us posted on your journey.

  7. Russ

    Jeremiah (Mom and Pine) thanks for saving our butts on our scooter trip last weekend! You restored our fuel tanks and faith in humanity! We will be following your trip. Thanks again X 8!

  8. Jerry

    Good Luck my friend, I wish you well and look forward to following your adventure.

  9. mary

    Jeremiah and Pine. God speed on your journey with lots of blogs to share with us who are with you in spirit but not physically. My husband of 50 years is in the middle of a dementia/diabetic issue which has taken his mind and this is a fellow who has lived his life working ranches, doing saddle repair/building/braiding/sewing/constructing and it breaks our hearts to see him as he is right now but we still believe that God can heal him. Bless you as a husband, father and friend and God speed.

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