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Sitting in Tashanta

For those wondering. We have been declined at the Russian border. We are stuck in a very tiny mud hut village called Tashanta. We have internet thanks to one guest at this Guest House????. Give you an idea, there are 6men sleeping in one room. When the guest wakes up and leaves, our currently hacked internet connection is done. If anyone has ideas onhow to handle an early border crossing into Russia, pass on that knowledge please.

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  1. Bob Folsom

    Hi Jeremiah May the Lords blessings fall on you and Pine like a summer rain. I am following you on Google earth. Very interesting to say the least. In Mexico where we go it is said the squeaky wheel gets the grease, perhaps you just need to ware them down with conversation. Another thing i wish you would put in some more place names and road #s google earth uses a u for most places where you use an O like Ulgii in stead of Olgii. took me a while to figure that one out. Our Gods timing is always perfect so look around and see what he may have in mind, you may never find out but at least it will help the time to pass more easily. Mary and I pray for you daily

  2. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    You dang sure better not of had a hand made fresh blueberry pie this weekend when BB&l were down…….if so, I am sending a request to the Vatican for you excommunication. Not sure we will survive the food here, I 4hink God wanted me to have a few days sitting to let my legs heal up anyways. Be well guys.

  3. Bill

    Hi Jim and Pine: Thanks for your update and hugs to you both. Things sound down right awful and pretty grim. Really wish you two were biking across Canada instead of sitting in Mongolia waiting to enter Russia. Sure would like it if you were able to join us for supper tonight. Bud, Aunt Lucy and Roberta are visiting this weekend and we went to Vermilion Bay for some sight seeing and for a feed of Buster’s famous BBQ ribs – I’m sure you would both enjoy these ribs with a little fruit salad for dessert. We are on our way to bed right now and our thoughts and prayers are with you . My gut says maybe it’s time to come back home. Better to be safe than sorry. Please pay attention to the way things are lining up and if they are pointing to impossible or very difficult, please head back this way. Take care Love you lots.

  4. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Hey Bill, we are working on options right now. Will post when something confirms. Just hate sitting in idle, hard to do. The sitting will sure help my joint issues, and maybe thats Gods plan?

  5. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Morning Terry, folks in Russia are of a high level, thats why i am puzzled that they didnt let me in. We will do just fine waiting, but I just hate sitting idle for 11 days….sitting is not part of my makeup.

  6. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    That is what we had ben told, but we have also heard of folks being arrezted for the same thing. So we played itsafe and asked if we could pay a fine. All to no avail. My guess is that you are right in your thoughts on leaving somemoney in the passports.

  7. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Hello Ash, yes we are ahead of entry date by 12 days. That is the actual problem, we thought that maybe at the borxer we could arrange to pay a fine or something. Never know till you are right there what can be made to happen. Anyways, we are now back in Olgii working on what we can.. we will keep you posted.

  8. Jeremiah Watt-saddlemaker

    Wudel, that is plain cruel. Its akin To hanging a man with rotten rope. We are trying to avoid sheep as well. Sitting here in Bayan Olgii, its just like any other 3rd world frontier town…….pretty ratty and not much to do.

  9. Colleen Watt

    Well Dear it was so nice to hear your voice even tho it was for a short period of time and then you sounded like some alien and then we would be cut off. guess when ATT says they can connect the world they don’t include all of it!!
    Anyways prayers will be with you on this break and pray that it at least allows your muscles to heal somewhat. Love you always and Read Colossians4: 2-6 Someone in that town needs to hear about JESUS! Press on for the Lord!

  10. Candy Diaz

    I will pray that everything works out for you and you will soon be on your way. If Russia doesn’t/won’t let you in is there somewhere nearby that can get you someplace else??? Train or airplane?

  11. Terry Martin

    I’m thinking the people in Russia are of a very high level that they are particular who they let in. I am sure after a few days or weeks maybe, they will get to know you well enough to see there is more than meets the eye with you and they will relent. If not you can rest assured the roads will be in just as good of shape if you have to turn back. Hope you get thru in no time at all. You never know who you are supposed to meet? Keep your spirits up.

  12. Bill Snure

    I have no idea what you’re options are in your current situatiion. There doesn’t seem to be any current info on the net about crossing into Russia where you are. Most threads about it are from people leaving Russia and going into Mongolia. I don’t know if going into Kasakhstan is an option or a better option? We Americans are a microwave society, “cook on high, wash on hot,” and it’s a real adjustment to idle back to the pace that some foreign countries operate. You may have been whipped over the head enough on this trip that you’ve settled into a slower paced approach?
    Like someone else said, in lots of places money makes a lot of things happen but that could be tricky too, if you got the wrong border guard. I can’t imagine the living situation you’re in there. Hopefully some of your fellow travelers might know how to make something good happen?
    Hang in there and God Bless!

  13. Don Wudel

    Are you still using that same blue sleeping bag that used to crawl away from you back in the days when you were camped out at Chucks?
    Just to update you on what our day looks like, we’re sipping starbucks coffee in the living room while reading your blog, and not planning on having anything to do with sheep……..ever.

  14. Ash and Misty Corlett

    Did you get there ahead of schedule – is that what you mean by early border crossing? What was the exact reason you were declined a border crossing. Trying to think of ways to help. Do you have a cell phone? We have a new email and phone number – will message it to you via FB

  15. Tom Williams

    If you sorta had left a 20 or 50 in with your paperwork you might have been on your way.

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